Fall 2022

It is with a great sense of holiday joy that I write to thank you for your past and continuing support of the New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation (NMPF).

As many of you know, the NMPF was incorporated 5 years ago to provide sustainable, dedicated funding for the New Mexico Philharmonic (NMPhil). This dedicated funding creates long-term stability, future growth, and permanence through a completely transparent and secure fiduciary instrument for donor support. This funding is directly controlled by the NMPF directors and donors. In these 5 years, the NMPF has created a growing endowment of more than $2 million to provide sustainable and dedicated funding support for the New Mexico Philharmonic. Unlike some foundations with an overhead of more than 25 percent, the NMPF steadfastly maintains an overhead of only 2 percent!

As this year comes to a close and you consider your year-end giving, please continue to support your NMPF. Your contributions help enormously in providing the NMPhil with a reliable source of stable funding that enables multiyear planning that could not be done without the NMPF. But let me be very clear: Your contribution to the NMPF should come AFTER, and not instead of, your support for the NMPhil. We support the NMPhil!

You can make donations online by clicking the DONATE ONLINE button.

Again, thank you! Your past and future support of the NMPhil and the NMPF will ensure that professional live symphonic music continues in New Mexico.

With gratitude,

Stephen S. Baca
President, New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation (NMPF)