Youth Concerts
Full symphony orchestra concerts presented spring and fall in Popejoy Hall for all 4th and 5th graders of the Albuquerque Public Schools.  Reaching about 14,000 students each year.

Symphony for Autism
A full symphony orchestra concert presented each spring for Albuquerque Public Schools students of all ages with significant degrees of autism, a unique opportunity for children with this disability. Serving 400 to 800 students each year.

Ensemble Visits
Elementary school visits by 1 to 4 NMPhil musicians working directly with children in their classrooms and small auditoriums.  Serving up to 4,000 children each year.

Young Musician Initiative (YMI)
Intense after school program serving 100+ and growing number of economically and socially challenged children from Albuquerque’s poorest Title I schools.  Students receive 14 hours of music instruction, academic coaching and mentoring for the purpose of changing the trajectory of their lives

  • Youth Concerts

  • Symphony for Autism

  • Ensemble Visits

  • Young Musician Initiative


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