The New Mexico Philharmonic (NMPhil) is a vital part of New Mexico’s cultural and economic scene. The NMPhil has grown successfully and has become the flagship classical music organization in New Mexico, performing for more than 50,000 audience members each season. Its extensive education programs serve over 20,000 public school students at no cost to parents or children, and NMPhil has been recognized for its excellence by Quality New Mexico with both the Piñón and Road Runner awards (the first professional arts organization, in the nation, to be so awarded)!  

The New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation seeks to provide sustainable, dedicated funding for the New Mexico Philharmonic, funding that creates long term stability, future growth and permanence through a completely transparent and secure fiduciary instrument for donor support that is directly controlled by its donors and trustees. 


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Fall 2023

As this year comes to a close and you consider your year-end giving, please continue to support your New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation. Your contributions help enormously in providing the NMPhil with a reliable source of stable funding that enables multiyear planning.

Annual Fund

The New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation exits to support, not compete with, the NMPhil. Please join us in ensuring a bright future for your NMPhil.

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