The Match Gift Donation

A very generous anonymous donor offered to match dollar for dollar every donation to the New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation—up to $50,000.

This is significant for our Foundation. The New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation’s mission is to provide sustainable, dedicated funding for the New Mexico Philharmonic. Funding that provides long-term stability, future growth and permanence. This Foundation is a transparent and secure fiduciary instrument for donor support that is directly controlled by its donors and trustees.

Please consider a donation toward this Match Gift made by an anonymous donor. 

Your NMPhil has been providing excellent music for 10 years with no long-term debt. However, it has no financial reserves. Some supporters asked for a way to ensure that larger future gifts, such as endowments, go to a third party that is exclusively dedicated to ensuring the health of the NMPhil. The New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation is a response to these requests, and it joins other local foundations dedicated to the culture of our community such as the Natural History Museum, the Albuquerque Museum, and the Albuquerque BioPark. The board believes that the New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation is the very best way to build up reserves for the NMPhil, independent of daily operations, and ensure its long-term health.

The New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation exists to support, not compete with, the NMPhil. Please continue to give as you have and are able to the NMPhil directly. However, as you plan your year-end and long-term philanthropy, we ask that you consider supporting the New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation.

Please join us in providing additional support for outstanding classical music in Albuquerque, ensuring a bright future for your NMPhil.


Thomas Martin, MD
President of the Board, New Mexico Philharmonic Foundation

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